Seiko Men’s SKX007K2 Diver’s Automatic Watch Review

If you’re the type who likes the classic look of a gilded watch hanging on your wrist, then you surely understand how it feels to wear a beautiful piece similar to this watch. There are a lot of things that a watch connoisseur might find attractive about wearing a traditional timepiece in lieu of checking their time with a cell phone.

Nice watches are a status symbol that details a person’s style, wealth, and integrity. Rolex watches didn’t earn their popularity from being just good at telling the time! Wearing a watch helps retain a bit of classic culture; it’s one more device that’s slowly starting to fade away with the advent of cellphones, along with MP3 players and personal cameras.

Not all watches are fantastic displays of class and culture, though. Each brand has its own trademarks, its own cool traits, and its drawbacks.

What makes Seiko watches so special?

Seiko is a Japanese watch company that’s sometimes considered to be a bit audacious by other makers of fine timepieces. Why is this? For a couple reasons.

Seiko emerged somewhat out of left field and began producing watches at a quality comparable, if not better, than Swiss watches, which have been considered the benchmark for quality watches for quite some time. Seiko is able to produce these watches consistently at a lower price than comparable Swedish makes.

Seiko makes watches that frequently find spots on lists of the best watches for all sorts of different price ranges. If you’re looking for a watch under $500? Seiko.

Seiko’s made a few significant contributions to the market that aren’t going to be forgotten anytime soon. They make kinetic watches with self-charging quartz batteries. They make watches that don’t require batteries at all. They make watches that are admired by the finest purveyors of timepieces, and continue to do so each year.

One thing Seiko might not have is an inherent ability to back up its brand name. Brands like Rolex will be eulogized as forever having changed the market for timepieces, whereas Seiko is something of a newly emerging contender that can provide quality, low prices, and reliability, but doesn’t have the strong name to back up the purchase. This tells us something about Seiko though: they are more concerned about selling a quality product than they are with selling a strong brand name.

Whether or not this changes over the years is yet to be seen, but for now, we can be sure that Seiko’s watches are well worth your money. They’re made to last, they’re made to function well, and they’re made with productivity and sustainability in mind.

What makes the SKX007K2 Automatic worth buying?

The Seiko SKX007 might not have the most immediately striking appearance for people who are used to buying watches that reflect the crisp, sharp shape of modern fashion. This gives way for a subtler approach, and beneath that lie the reasons that the SKX007 is a great watch.

  • The size of the watch is a bit bigger than the average diver’s watch—a bold move by Seiko that plays off well. The case matches the improved size to a snug fit
  • The case is mirror polished and contains no imperfections in terms of design or symmetry. It’s a bit heavier than average, but not so much that you can’t lift your arm
  • The dial has strong hands and markers, which are important for diving. The visibility is great and the durability is just as good. It’s also backed by Seiko’s Lume, meaning it can provide backlight for many hours off just a bit of a charge
  • This particular brand comes with a Jubilee bracelet. The bracelet is extremely comfortable, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit too well with the case. If you switch the strap for a leather one or another of your preferred types, you may find this problem immediately solved
  • Some of these watches have been working since their creation almost two decades ago without needing to be fixed, so you can expect a quality guarantee

This watch isn’t made to compete with more stylish and attractive watches that are built just for people to show off. No, the SKX007 is a watch that’s built for function, and it does so with great vigor. If you want a watch that you can be certain will work fantastically out of the box and continue to do so long after you’ve made the purchase, then the SKX007 might be for you.

In conclusion

There might be watches out there that cost more. There might be watches that are considered more attractive, or more of a status symbol. But for value, you probably won’t find anything that provides a better deal than the Seiko SKX007.