Orient Men’s FAA02001B9 Mako II Watch Review

Orient is a brand that’s frequently recommended alongside Seiko for people who are new to mechanical watches, or for people simply looking to get a timepiece that provides them with quality for the amount that they are spending.

This is partially because Orient is owned by Seiko’s parent company, though the two are independently operated. Neither companies are dedicated to providing solely a physically appealing product—they want to make products that are reliable, durable, and have great function. Orient’s Mako II watch does this well.

Why would I want an Orient watch?

Orient is a company that’s known for providing watches that are classy enough to appeal to those who need to dress up now and again, but they make them cheap enough that you can still spend your funds on different timepieces in between.

Making watches affordable doesn’t have to mean that their quality is sacrificed. If you’re only going to be wearing the watch once in a while—for formal occasions, dinners, to impress a new date, or to a job interview—then you don’t need to have consistent function; if Orient offers watches that work just as well as other more expensive models, you might as well go with them.

Orient follows strict Japanese quality-control protocols. Despite the affordable cost of all Orient models, which are many, since it’s Japan’s biggest distributor of watches, the quality control doesn’t take a hit.

All of Orient’s watch components—straps, cases, hands, faces—are made in-house, so each timepiece is 100% original.

Orient’s watches are imbued with typical Japanese sensibility, functionality and efficiency. They may not be as classy as some of the more expensive models, but they’re not without their own appeal.

Orient watches are also a good way to introduce someone into the world of wearing dress watches without making them bankrupt. Many people don’t know where to go when first buying a dress watch; they don’t want to spend less and get a poor-quality model, but they don’t want to go broke from buying a popular brand.

Orient is the perfect midway point between price and functionality. They provide long-lasting watches that retain their accuracy for years, as well as providing a level of attention to detail that is very rarely seen at similar price ranges. An Orient watch might not stand up to a watch that costs closer to $10,000, but it will definitely hold its own on most occasions where you just need a watch to go with your dress suit.

What makes the Mako II so special?

The Mako II is the answer Orient came up with in response to—you guessed it—the original Mako design. The Mako was known for its sleek design and attractive physique, but there were some functional issues that people weren’t too pleased with.

The Mako’s movement was considered by some to be outdated, which compounds into inaccurate time telling. The watch had an extra pusher to change the date, which created another entry point that can be compromised by water and pressure.

The Mako II fixes these problems and retains the same attractive design as the original watch. The best part of the deal? The Mako II, at the time of its release, was Orient’s cheapest watch to date. This is because typical Orient products take a lot of competition out since they’re sold worldwide. As Orient began selling this watch in other markets besides its own online store, the price began to decrease, but it still carries the weight that it pulled during its startup phase.

  • The Mako II is a 200-meter water-resistant watch for diving. A lot of people buy it because it makes a great beater watch that can be worn during sports or for everyday use when your life is full of excitement
  • It comes with a steel strap that some people enjoy. The face looks great when used with many other types of straps, though
  • The dial uses luminant technology so it’s readable even in the dark depths
  • The Mako II uses an improved sapphire crystal for more scratch resistance than the prior mineral crystal, which was more prone to damage
  • The Mako II is a lot cheaper than what you’d expect a watch with this much durability to cost. Despite being detailed, efficient, and attractive, Orient refuses to jack up the price of this timepiece

In conclusion

Orient’s Mako II is a great watch for the occasional dress event. If you don’t need a dress watch for daily usage, then you’re not going to want to spend thousands on a timepiece; the Mako II might be one of the best options for you. Reliable, functional and attractive enough for the once-in-a-while dress party, the Mako II is a great choice.