Invicta Men’s 1773 Pro Diver Watch Review

If it’s time for you to get a new diver’s watch, you’ve got a lot of options, and a lot of factors that are going to weigh in on your decision. You want a watch that functions well at great depths, but also something that looks good enough that you can flash it off between dives. You want a watch with a good battery life.

The choice to buy a new watch often takes people quite some time. Fortunately, we’re here to remove some of that stress. Today, we’re going to be looking at the Invicta 1773 Pro Diver, 18K ion-plated stainless steel watch. If that description isn’t enough for you to consider buying this watch, then read on, because you’ll surely be interested to learn more about Invicta’s watches.

Why would I choose an Invicta watch?

Invicta has been making watches since 1837, which says that they’re able to produce models that are enjoyed by people, who consider them to be durable and reliable.

Invicta was founded on the principle of offering affordable watches that didn’t compromise their quality, and that ideal is what continues to drive the company today. They know that not every watch purchaser wants to spend thousands of dollars on a timepiece that serves as a status symbol or a decoration to impress people, so they produce quality, physically appealing watches for a good price.

Invicta is also a reliable brand that customers continue to return to. This is indicated by a statistic offered on their website that states that the average Invicta watch owner owns more than one watch made by the company—in many cases, more than ten. This is solid consumer testament that Invicta makes watches that come at a good price and can continue to hold the buyer’s attention throughout the years.

Invicta has two major lines of watches that they produce, the Pro Diver and the Lupah series; each carries its own benefits and drawbacks.

The Pro Diver series has been said to take ideas from more popular watch makers, such as Rolex or Omega. Despite this, the functionality and quality is something that can’t be beat for the price you’ll pay for an Invicta. The Lupah models are developed with millennials and younger adults in mind.

Invicta offers more than 200,000 varieties of watches that you can purchase if you consider the different choices you can make regarding face, strap and features. Invicta users can even have watches custom made to suit the particular features they want to have in their watches.

What makes the 1773 Pro Diver watch a good choice?

  • This watch is a great choice for both watch connoisseurs and people looking for functional watches
  • The bracelet is two tone, making it visually appealing
  • It makes use of luminosity technology, so the light or darkness of day and night won’t have a negative impact on the quality of your time telling
  • The case is a 44mm stainless steel protective unit which provides great quality and protection for the unit
  • It’s water resistant up to 200 meters, which is great because most divers max out at around 40 meters
  • This watch is a part of the Pro Diver line, which is well known for its reliability, its durability, and its style
  • This watch also features a chronograph function, improving the time-telling ability and accuracy of the unit
  • Invicta Flame Fusion movement is a particular technology that’s been developed by Invicta. This particular innovation helps to protect the movement of the hands in the Quartz movement. This assures accurate time telling with limited differentiation between days. The +- count of seconds in Invicta products is known for being minimal
  • One of the best things about this particular unit (and most of Invicta’s other products) is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. This means that even you manage to break this watch through extreme use or misfortune, you can exchange it for a new one. This warranty provides an assurance that you’ll get your money’s worth, and the rest of the watch`s specifics ensure that you’re guaranteed a purchase that gives you some bang for your buck. The warranty covers
  • The crown, which must be present for you to get your replacement
  • The hands of the watch
  • The dial
  • Any water damage that might occur as a result of your use
  • Any scratches that develop on the Flame Fusion surface

In conclusion

The Invicta 1773 Pro Diver that has been developed by a company known for providing quality budget watches that hold up when compared to more expensive brands. If you’re a casual user of diving watches, or plan to use it regularly, you’re in luck—it comes with a great selection of features and a 5-year warranty.