Gosasa 2016 New Fashion Quartz Watch Review

Gosasa’s Quartz Men’s Watch is a good watch for everyday use, especially for those who live exciting lifestyles and can’t expect their watches to stick around for very long. It doesn’t have a unique name to the product, which is a good indicator of one thing: an affordable price.

Why would I want a Gosasa watch?

Gosasa watches are good for a variety of reasons for a variety of different people.

Gosasa’s watches come in a variety of different styles and functions; they make sports watches, both mechanical and automatic watches, as well as LED watches. They have a few quartz-faced brands, such as this one, as well as a few dress watches.

Throughout all the different styles of watches Gosasa produces, one thing runs common among all of them: the price. Gosasa is a brand known for being extremely affordable and providing watches for people who don’t have a need for a watch that’s going to be used as a status symbol.

Gosasa’s watches are great gifts for children. They’re inexpensive so they won’t be a huge financial loss if they get broken or lost as a result of your child’s lifestyle.

Gosasa’s watches are great for people who use watches to tell time more often than they use them to look nice. If all you need is a watch to tell time, then you likely will not care about spending hundreds of dollars on sleek styles.

Gosasa does make a few nicer watches. They have a line of diver’s watches that are on the expensive side of the models they offer. They also have a few nicer sports watches and a few dress watches, though these don’t really compare in terms of style or functionality to brands that specialize in dress watches.

What Gosasa is mostly known for is the wide variety of watches that they offer that are affordable. One of Gosasa`s specialties are their military watches. Military watches are simplistic and often contain features like alarms and timers that you can use for drill timers or workout reminders, if you’re in the military, or for daily reminders for those who use the watch in conjunction with physical fitness activities.

Most of their military watches are multi-function LEDs that are backlit and battery operated. While not much to look at, they’re cheap and a good choice for people whose lifestyles (like being in the military) would make them prone to losing their timepiece.

What makes the Gosasa 2016 New Fashion Sport Watch a good deal?

At first glance, this watch from Gosasa might not look like much; it’s got a green face that’s surrounded by stainless steel. This is something you might see on a trendy high school kid or on someone’s wrist while they’re working out at the gym—and that’s exactly what Gosasa’s going for.

This watch isn’t meant to be super flashy or something that you can show off to friends at prestigious dress parties. It’s meant to be exactly what it is—an affordable device for telling time.

The watch has a few features to it that separate it from the average budget watch.

  • It’s got a 40mm stainless steel case, with minerals embedded in the dial face for visual appeal
  • It comes with a stainless steel bracelet as well, which is linked to the timepiece and folds over into a safety lock
  • It claims to be water resistant up to 300 meters, but only withstands rain and splashes and not complete submersion
  • There’s a date window on the right-hand side of the dial that automatically updates with the day of the month
  • The hands are luminous and glow in the dark, so you don’t need to shine a light to tell the time
  • It features an analog display with Japanese quartz movement

This watch might not look business class, but it’s certainly sporty enough to catch the eye of people you interact with. Upon first glance, it’s not uncommon for folk to mistake this watch for a Rolex—not bad, considering you’ll only be spending a minimal amount on this watch.
As far as inexpensive watches go, Gosasa’s managed to combine quality features into a watch that barely runs you the price of a case of beer.

In conclusion

Some people buy watches for style and status, others buy them for form and function. Gosasa’s got a pretty good mix of both options with this watch, offering a design that’s easily mistaken for much more expensive brands. It comes packed with features to make it usable in day-to-day life, and the best part of all is that it’ll hardly make a dent in your wallet.