Citizen Men’s BJ8050-08E Eco-Drive Professional Diver Sports Watch Review

Most often, you’ll find your diver’s watch and your sport watch separate from each other—one for endurance and style, one for, well, diving. Citizen watches combine the best of both worlds with their new Diver Black Sport watch, providing you with a stylish, durable timepiece.

There’s a lot of important factors that lead up to the decision of buying a new watch—the features, the materials used in its creation, the brand, the durability—and it can be quite a process to search through all these different options. We’re here to help provide a good look at this particular device so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the best watch for you.

What makes Citizen a special watch company?

Citizen sure isn’t a new entry in the watchmaking game; they’ve been a company since 1918, albeit under a different name, the Shokosha Watch Industry. Considering they haven’t gone bankrupt, this is a sure indicator that Citizen makes good quality, long-lasting products that the customers love.

Since then, Citizen has overtaken the watch world—they’re presently the largest watch manufacturer in the world. Not only are they known for producing watches in mass quantities and selling them all over the world, they’re also known for developing innovative technologies.

  • Citizen developed the watch that has the slimmest LCD screen, making them leaders in terms of making efficient, low-weight timepieces
  • Citizen made the first watch that comes with voice recognition, which makes them leaders in developing new technologies for time-telling devices
  • Citizen also made the first diving watch that came with an electronic depth center, once again proving that they’re willing to be creative and provide new things
  • Citizen’s also known for providing eco-friendly watches, particularly with their Eco-Drive line of products. All of these watches and some of their others are able to receive energy from solar power and get rid of the need for a battery

All of these things prove that Citizen isn’t afraid to be different, and also proves that it consistently comes up with ideas that are far and above what the rest of the timepiece industry are working with. They’re able to take risks and, so far, these risks have revolutionized the timepiece industry.

What makes the BJ8050-08E Diver Sport Watch unique?

  • BJ8050-08E Diver Sport Watch is a good option because of the balance of technology and features provided by the piece
  • It`s luminosity is great for beginner to intermediate divers. The face is visible even at quite a depth, and it’s able to charge itself entirely from sunlight. It’s also adapted to be able to charge in less-than-ideal conditions; when it’s cloudy or you’re in a room with less than ideal lighting, this watch is still recharging
  • The bezel is designed with a unidirectional structure which makes it difficult to throw off the timing of this piece
  • The piece is made from stainless steel, which is ideal for those taking it underwater
  • The face comes with a complete screw down, which minimizes leakage
  • It’s known for providing clear readability in all sorts of conditions
  • It makes use of Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology so it’s reliable and charges consistently without risking its integrity
  • One of the best things about this watch is its durability. While it face is only 18mm thick, this watch has sustained many durability tests. Because of this, the watch sits a little bit higher than most people consider comfortable, but this is a standard inclusion in watches that are built to last a long time


All these features make this watch a great contender for those who are looking for a balance between price and durability. It’s has a whole set of features that make this an excellent choice for people who are looking for a watch that they can wear on a day-to-day basis that won’t give them trouble when they’re going for a deep dive.

The BJ8050 is a great watch for people who are new to diving, it and retains its usefulness for intermediate divers. If you’re planning to do extremely deep diving, you might want something else—but the average deep diver maxes out at 40 meters, which is no problem for this watch to handle.

This particular watch might not be an extravagant example of all the new technologies that Citizen has developed, but it’s certainly an example of how they’re able to merge different technologies into a single timepiece without negatively affecting its appearance or function.

In conclusion

Citizen’s been known for making great watches for almost a century, and this watch is no exception. The BJ8050-08E Diver Sport Watch is a great contender for divers who want to have a durable timepiece to take with them on their undersea adventures. The price tag isn’t too high, so there’s not much reason that this watch should not be considered for your next purchase.